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    Investigating Firefox memory leaks - requesting data


      I'm on a long and tortuous journey through Mozilla, Bugzilla, github, ghacks and the Adblockplus website chasing down the reasons for that Firefox memory leak I referred to in one of the SiteAdvisor/Firefox posts.


      There's one particular website which is being used as a benchmark because it contains 400 iframes (ouch). As we all know iframes are bad .... but in Firefox that website will break the browser on many older machines. It's frames and iframes which are the underlying problem, especially for ABP.


      If you have FF (and plenty of RAM!) can you run a little check for me?


      First, open FF and check memory usage (RAM and VM)   Modified - see below

      Then go to this site - http://vimcolorschemetest.googlecode.com/svn/html/index-c.html

      and check the memory (RAM and VM) that Firefox is using now.    Modified - see below


      It should be in the range of ~370Mb to ~2Gb. I would be interested to know which end of that spectrum your FF usage is at.


      I need the Before and After figures for this exercise.


      Oh, and the big clue in all this is "Adblock Plus".