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    Outdated information in Community Help documents and video tutorials


      The how-to documents and associated video tutorials listed in the Community Help section visible on many pages now contain outdated information and should be removed or (preferably) updated to reflect the new ways of doing things on this release of Jive.


      As an example, see the information given in these three documents :

      Change your home page - Personalize Your View



      Connect - People, Friends, and Labels



      Keep track of it all - Bookmarks, Email Notifications, and RSS feeds



      Also, if video tutorials on any subject are supposed to be available to Consumer users - and they certainly were, because I used them first as a newcomer to the Community and then (using a restricted subset) to learn about Moderation - they should not be hidden from view in the Corporate-only sector. Click on the link in this document and you will be presented with the login screen below -


      ServicePortal login.PNG



      So the online help documentation needs updating, we may need some new video tutorials, and any new videos should be accessible to Consumer users.