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    Next Gen Firewall 3202-c1 - Is it possible to specify an Egress VLAN for traffic based upon Destination IP address?


      Hi All,


      I am a Network Engineer and have never dealt with firewalls before.


      We have purchased a 3202-C1 Appliance and I would like to know if it's possible to identify inbound traffic based on the destination IP address and then based on that destination IP address to allocate an egress VLAN for when it enters the network LAN.


      My intentions are to have multiple customers exit the Firewall on their own external transit VLANs and to then direct them accordingly based on those VLANs when they enter the switch fabric.


      I don't need to know exactly how to do this at the moment, just confirmation that it can be done


      I am also happy to be directed or to recieve any links to detialed documentation as so far all I have found are sales guides for this device


      Thanks in advance



      Network Engineer (moving into firewalls at the deep end)