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    Error when check in HDLP extension


      Hi there,


      Last week we tried to check HLP 9.3 extension but was partially installed. Now we deleted the components (extension) which were shown in ePO and all the tables with HDLP in SQL.


      Now when trying to add the extension we get the following error:


      At the moment we do not have access to the data base back up.

      Any help with that?




      José María

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          in this case you have to.

          - remove any database tables

          - removing any Reports and Queries

          - removing the extension from the EPO installation directory. (...McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Server\Extensions\installed)


          Afterwards restart the Tomcat Service and take a look at the orion.log. If there is any extension in a "partial state" you will notice a message in this log file.

          There are two main problems.

          - The extension information is stored in the epo datebase but the files are missing. In this case you can try to copy the files from another EPO Server where the same extension is installed.

          - The extension files are okay, but the database entries are missing you can try to remove the files, restart tomcat and take a look at the orion.log.

          - There is a dependency to another product in epo. Then you have to remove this extension as well.


          An additional hint, always, really always, extensions should be installed with the admin user. In many cases, like the application control extension, some plugins are not working when the extension is not installed with the admin user.


          Attached find the SQL script to find any string in the whole EPO Database. Just look for the HIP Plugin, this should help. :-)





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            I'd strongly recommend you discuss this with McAfee Support rather that rip data from the database directly.

            You run the risk of making ePO unusable and invalidating your supported state at the same time, leaving your only option as disaster recovery.

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              Hi rackryod,

              yessss, try to solve such a problem with gold support. :-)  Have fun. *gg*


              Gold support has not the technical background to solve such a problem. Escalating such a problem does very long time. Most time, if there is a serious problem with EPO gold support will not be able to solve your problem.


              Everyone knows, changing values in the database or changing files directly in the epo installation directory is your own risk. But sometimes, you just want to bring EPO up and only want to esport some policies. :-)


              And yes, it is possible to rebuld an EPO server from a defective databse, a corrupt file system and a new epo server installation. For me it´s called an "Frankenstein EPO", but it is technically feasible.




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                I'm sorry if you've had bad experiences with McAfee Support in the past. It does not change the fact that manually changing the database is unsupported unless advised directly by McAfee.

                This issue really would be best resolved with a support case imo. If it needs escalation, it needs escalation.


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                  Hi Rackroyd,

                  opening a ticket is always useful and necessary. And i know, changing things directly is not supported.


                  But in a case, where the EPO server crashed because customer had a bad storage problem where the file sytstem on epo and the database is damaged, gold support will not "reconstruct" such systems directly at the customer. :-)

                  I only noticed, it is technically possible, because we did this several times.