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    Installing EPO 5.1.1 on 2012R2


      I have installed EPO 4.x before on 2008R2 servers and it has been quite straight forward installing the included SQL Express 2008.


      However 2012R2 does not support SQL Express 2008. I have installed SQLEXPRWT_x64_ENU.exe (SQL Server 2012) using all default options, but I have no experience of SQL server and to be honest do not have a clue what I am doing - my job as a Primary School IT Technician does not normally require this level of knowledge and no other software uses this, but as this is provided free from the local authority I have no other option but to use this. As a result the system is also only a one server system and not virtualised (which would be overkill for a school this small).


      After installing the above file I have told EPO to install custom/Microsoft SQL server use an existing Microsoft SQL server and manually searching for SQL servers and fails with Setup was unable to get a list of SQL servers in your environment. Saying No displays the manual setup screen where I have entered Database Server as the servername, database name as ePO_servername, windows authentication with the administrator details and left port blank. Firewall is completely disabled on the server as the incoming connection is NAT translation and completely filtered by the local authority which also supplies the broadband connection. I then get an error Setup is unable to access SQL UDP port 1434.


      The only ports that should cause issues are 8080, 8081, 8082,8083, 8084 and 8085 as these are the incoming internet proxy server ports (they have different filtering levels). As mentioned I have disabled the firewall so this can't be causing any issues. I also think port 80 cannot be used as it is used for HTTPS


      I am guessing I am missing something relating to the SQL setup I need to do, but also know EPO is very buggy with false error messages which do not always mean what they say (I have been trying to install the last version up to now which showed a message saying it was not compatible with the OS!). Having no experience of SQL I do not know how to proceed. I have tried looking for online step-by-step newbie guides or videos for installing EPO 5.1.1 on a 2012R2 server, but have not found anything. There is a 3rd party company which provides support, but they will not support installation issues and the local authority has no other technical knowledge (which is why they outsource it to the 3rd party company).


      So I am now here asking/begging the communities assistance for help please, but please be easy with me as I have no knowledge of SQL, but I am a quick learner and willing to learn. Ideally I am looking for a straight forward step by step guide, preferably with screenshots or even a video of someone installing this on a 2012R2 server from scratch.


      All help is greatly appreciated and I hope would also help others in my position in the future, with little knowledge of how to do this.