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    How do I use DLP Prevent Efficiently with Hosted Mail


      Customer asked this question. Solution attached in reply

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          The customer's challenges were multiple. Using Microsoft hosted mail, using McAfee DLP Prevent. Needed load balancing, failover, TLS termination. Tried using existing onsite Mirapoint mail gateways with hosting set up to use those gateways as smarthost for outbound, but they did not interact well with DLP Prevent connection limits. Solution was to use MEG with virtual hosts.


          The solution is to use two virtual hosts running on a single MEG cluster (cluster can be composed of two or more physical or virtual appliances). The MEG cluster, specifically virtual host 1 on the cluster, uses the DLP units as its smart host with  round robin to distribute load across 2 or more DLP Prevent systems


          BPOS > Clustered MEG VH1 >  Multiple DLP Prevent > Clustered MEG VH2 > Internet


          s processing and forwards all mail back to MEG Virtual Host 2 which examines the headers and takes appropriate action and routes permitted email to Internet.

          This is successfully operating at the customer providing TLS termination for BPOS, load balancing and redundancy across the MEGs and the DLPs, without the need for external load balancers.