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    View subtasks issue


      Have built a new EPO server (5.1) and exported/imported systems, tasks, permission sets, etc from 4.6 server. However, although specified users in permissions sets can deploy agents they are unable to see any data in the Subtasks tab under the Server Task Logs in 5.1 console. The same permission sets allowed this under 4.6. Using a test account, it appears that the user must be an Administrator to view this data.

      Is this correct? If not, can anyone point me in the right direction?

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          I need to resolve this one too.  I have a Permissions Set for the helpdesk guys and they can't see anything in the Subtasks tab in the task log.  How do I enable that so they can see that information?

          ePO 5.1.1


          I found the setting but it gives more than I want to allow.  Permission Sets > [group] > Server tasks:  choose the 3rd option: Create, edit, view, run, and terminate Scheduler tasks, view Scheduler tasks results in the Server Task Log.

          This option displays the subtasks window for them but it also gives way more.....looks like it's all or nothing....Not real crazy about that.

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            may be you have given 2nd option . Try to give 3rd one and see if they can see the sub task log.

            ScreenShot_ 01.46 09-Apr-15.jpg

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              Thank you for the response.

              That (option 2) is what it was set at and they got a blank Subtasks window.

              When I changed it to option 3, they could see the Subtasks listed.

              My problem is allowing everything else that comes with that selection. Was hoping McAfee engineer could make their settings options a little less all/nothing options.

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                We first saw the issue months ago when upgrading to 5.1 from 4.5. When we initially contacted McAfee about it we were told it was a feature request and could be available in a future release. Unfortunately it appears the 5.1.1 release we just upgraded to did not resolve the issue as we too don't want to give all options to every ePO user. Hopefully this will be resolved in a later release...hopefully.

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                  That's what I was told.  We started out with 5.1.1.  Posted issue here in hopes of generating a following to this thread such that it strongly encourages McAfee to actually add this feature to an update or new release soon.