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    agent package with current dat


      I want to create an agent install package with newer dat file than the '1111' one that is embedded in the framepkg.exe you create from ePO.

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          Peter M

          Moved this to ePO for better support.




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            Laszlo G

            Hi lmcashen, the DAT is included in VirusScan and not in McAfee Agent. This was done this way because in the past McAfee delivered a VirusScan package with the DAT file at the day the package was created and so it was outdated when downloading it 3 months after.


            The other problem is that VirusScan with any outdated package is about 130MB and the one without DAT (the 1111 DAT is a fake DAT) is about 40MB


            If you want to create a VirusScan package including a newest DAT you may use the McAfee Install Designer for VirusScan 8.8