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    Detected malware not listed on McAfee Threat Center


      McAfee VirusScan just found a file that has malware in it. VScan said that the threat name is Downloader-FSH!F3CB80711789.


      I cannot find this variant name on the McAfee threat center anywhere. I would like to know when the threat was added to DATs. We have some computers that might have been infected by this and I need to know why McAfee VScan didn't stop it. My guess is that this variant was not being detected until recently.


      Further proof that the threat was only recently detected by McAfee VScan is located here: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/1888090121e7b77381e847579a9783cf5baddde4ef96b 7b095f776bc910480b8/analysis/


      Why is it that another website knows about this specific variant name and the date that it was detected (supposedly added to DATs) but the actual vendor that names the variant and added it to their DATs doesn't mention it anywhere?