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    Need to silent install latest 4.8 agent patch 2 on new systems, but FramePkg.exe is missing


      I have a script that installs an older version of the 4.8 agent during our Windows OS imaging process and then ePO updates the agent later.  I'd like to just install the latest agent from the beginning from now on.

      I have checked in the patch 2 version into ePO, but I cannot find a full installer for the latest version anywhere. So, it is still a 2 part process that requires 2 installations to be run on each machine in order to get to patch 2.

      I exported the installation files and the installer file "FramePkg.exe" mentioned the Product Guide is missing for this version.  So, I have to keep using the old FramePkg.exe during our imaging process and then wait for the ePO task to update the clients later, which is a waster of time.

      The picture below shows the files contained in the folder.




      How can I get this fixed?