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    How to add Google Chrome to Quick Clean Routine?


      Hi all:


      First post, apologies if it's a duplicate.   In running Quick Clean, I notice that it checks Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, but doesn't explicitly say it checks Google Chrome.  When the results are posted and logged, the routine documents temp files, etc. deleted from IE and Firefox, but not from Chrome.  Is there a way to add Chrome to the Quick Clean routine, or is it already part of the routine and it just doesn't display those results?  Thanks.

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          It is my understanding that when you have the setting to Clean (All) Browsers this includes Chrome as well. You can get a better understanding by opening your McAfee UI,and click on (Help). this will take you to the page that takes you to the (Help) Link. Which explains how to utilize all of your Security Features.


          Click on (Help) again.

          Note: On occasion it may throw up a (404) Error. Simply close out of McAfee Ui, and reopen and try again.


          Although I am against Registry Cleaners and for Good reason...And even with McAfee Quick Clean, I leave the (Registry) option (unchecked) For worry of it removing any Core McAfee Files.


          You can go to www.piriform.com  and download the (Free) Version of CCleaner. It displays all browsers/programs and Files and content. Again, you have to be very cautious when even using this Reputable Program. You basically can (Analyze) in CCleaner to see how much disk space is taken.


          Please do not utilize the (Registry) item. The primary reason I even suggested it, it will give you an in-depth look at your Files/Programs. I would continue to use Windows Disk Clean,or McAfee Quick Clean with the (Registry) option unchecked.


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            This may be more appropiate,and get more attention if moved to Quick Clean/ General Discussion-Home and Office.


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              Of course to reduce the amount of unecessary files consuming disk space. One can optimize/tweak their browser.Such is the case I personally do. I have my settings in Internet Explorer 11 to Empty/Delete Temporary Internet Files/Search History/etc after closing my browser/ending each session.


              At any given time, should I open CCleaner and analyze. Basically I have no more than 16-19 mbs of all files combined. That is the primary reason I keep it on board, is to periodically check the amount of unecessary files consuming space.


              Albeit one is savy enough to use, to remove difficult files or remnants. And since I rarely Download/Install frequently programs I actually don,t need,or know I want be  keeping. Hardly ever is the need for me to use it for removal of files/programs.


              As I stated, most if not all Registry Cleaners can and will cause more harm than Good. CCleaner just happens to be one of the very few,that I trust. I still recommend using Windows Disk Clean/McAfee Quick Clean rather than anything else.


              Just thought I would add that...


              Also Moderator-Hayton is more familiar with (Chrome) and the individual settings, etc.


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