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    ePO VSS 8.8 Update and Deployment


      Hello everyone,


      I'm completely new to the McAfee family of AV products (I've managed Symantec and Trend in previous enterprises), and I'm struggling with a new implementation. With the help of McAfee support staff, I was able to get a new ePO 5.1 server up-and-running, and have migrated all of our 4.6 clients to that new server. I currently have a mix of VSE and VSE clients in ePO. My understanding is that VSE 8.8.1247 is the latest iteration of VSE 8.8, and that it was pushed to new clients via a Client Task (Install virus scan and upgrade agent). We also have a 'Daily DAT update' task. Both the install/upgrade and the daily dat update tasks were created by the McAfee support person I spoke with.


      In Software Manager under VSE 8.8, I can see that we currently have ((Install - Windows (Patch 4) component)  checked in, along with Patch 2. The console is then showing Patch 3 and Patch 4 available, with 'Update' bolded in the Actions pane. My goal is to pull down Patch 4, then deploy that to all client machines that need it. My questions are:


      1. Am I correct in assuming tha I can update from to Patch 4 (which I assume is

      2. In Software Manager, can I skip Patch 3 and simply check in Patch 4 for VSE 8.8?

      3. In Software Manager, when obtaining Patch 4 should I use the 'Check In (branch)' or the 'Update' Action?

      4. Once I have VSE 8.8 Patch 4, how do I push this to the clients that need it? I assume I need to create a Client Task>McAfee Agent>Product Update, but I'm fuzzy on the details.


      My apologies if this is a simple task (it seemed like it when the support technician did the initial setup!), I would have searched these forums for an answer but for the life of me I could not find a search button. :|


      Thank You,


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          I'm not sure about your first question, but according this McAfee link https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB78495, all patches are cumulative so you should be able to go right to patch 4. I generally just select the Update link when new patches are available and have had success. I did run into a few clients with older versions and just selected them in the Systme Tree->Actions->Agents->Update now->All Packages (or just choose VE 8.8.x if you want).

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            Thanks for the information! Do you have any idea how the clients update once the patch is downloaded? My assumption is that I need to create a Product Update Client Task (I don't have any right now) in order for this to work? If so, I'm not even sure how to do that. Sounds like your method might work, but is a manual process rather than an automated one (like a Clietn Task would be)?




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              There's a "Gloabl Updating" setting in Server Settings that you can, though i've not tried that. Creating a Product Update Task should do the trick. Go to Menu->Client Task Catalog, then under McAfee Agent select Product Update and click New Task. From there you can select the items you want to update and name it accordingly. Then assign the task to the group you'd like to have the task run against.

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                Thanks! I'm in Client Task Catalog, and I've named the Task and now I'm to the selection part. I assume I should select the following for VSE 8.8 Patch 4:



                Package Selection: Selected Packages

                Package Types

                >Signatures and engines: Engine and DAT (looks like you can't select Engine w/o selecting DAT also)

                >Patches and service packs: VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0


                Then in System Tree>Assigned Client Tasks, I set it up as shown in the attached screenshot. I'm only trying to push to a few systems right now, to insure that it works. I was able to get it to work on my desktop computer, but the other client I'm testing simply won't update. I'm trying on a third machine right now.


                mcnoobvse 8.8 client task.png

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                  That looks as though it should work. For the machines not responding, try doing a "Wake up Agents".

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                    Interesting. When I did the 'Wake up Agents' command with 'Force complete policy and task update' selected, it finally updated the other 2 clients I'm testing. This makes me wonder what's wrong with my Client Task that it's not updating them automagically, as I would expect it to. See anything wrong with the way I've set it up? I assume that the 'Task Type' should be 'Product Update' and not 'Product Deployment', but I could be wrong.



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                      Correct on the Product Update task type. I run into that same issue on just about everything. I'm in the middle of deploying drive encryption and have to wake up the agents after just about every agent deployment. I believe it's because the default McAfee agent settings are set to check in with the ePol server once every 60 minutes. That means you'd be waiting an hour for the client to do what you want. I've lowered that value and had success, but it created a lot of extra traffic on the network. So I've reset it to default and just use the wake up agents routine when I need faster results.

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                        Good point, thanks for the insight. I set up a few more clients to get this update, then I woke them up via the agent w/o forcing an update. They then are scheduled to get the update at 2:05PM, so I'll see if it works and if they do I'm going to call it good and push to everyone.


                        Thanks for your help, I'll update shortly once I have some more information.

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                          Sounds good. I hope all goes smoothly.


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