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    Starmux.exe virus detected

    Freddy Medina

      Starmux.exe has been detected and reported in several workstations of my domain.



      As you can see, it's a .exe file, stored in Username's profiles, making some issues when users try to share information using pendrives or some external storage device. Files are converted to shortcuts in copy&paste process. Sometimes, files and folders are created randomly.




      Unfortunately, McAfee VirusScan Enterprise has not detect this virus. Our Help Desk team it's been forced to use another antivirus to detect it in workstation cleaning process and delete it almost immediately.



      I don't know if this is the correct way to report this incident, but we're looking for some support related to McAfee. We think that our current and standard antivirus needs to be attentive for this virus, making possible his detection and elimination for all workstations infected in our domain.


      Thanks in advance for your attentions,