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    DAT File Downloader


      Hey People,


      I work in an enviornment where we are air gapped from the internet and in order for us to get DAT files from McAfee into our ePO Server we were required to deploy an instance of ePO that has access to download the updates and then manually copy the software dir to removalable media to copy it to the environment to be uploaded into ePO.  There are quite a few steps and requires a little bit of fiddling to get this to work.  I did some searching to see if McAfee had a tool but all i could find were posts like the one below that instruct us on how to manually do it.  Doing it this way for 10 different dat files is quite time consuming and is open to human error.




      Based on this information in this KB article i have written the attached script to download the dat files and then to also upload the dat files once they have been copied across.  This is particularly useful when you have many DAT file for download and upload.  The script has also been setup to use the internet explorer settings for all those of us that have a proxy.  You will need to ensure you have a minimum of powershell version 3.  The script will check for this and also the curl.exe tool available if there is a requirement for uploads into ePO.


      I bear no responsibility for this script if it cause any issues to the enviornment and it is not supported by McAfee or myself. 


      If you have any feature requests for it or bug fixes then it will be a best effort basis.  I have tried it in a number of environment with great success.


      I have tested this on ePO deployment of 5.1 or later running on server 2012.


      I am not a software specialist, i work in operational support and the script is quite crude but it does the job.