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    No Updates for the Last 2 Days


      Hello all -


      So...I do manual updates every day for my McAfee SecurityCenter and there is typically an update every day.  The last update that I got was on Saturday, July 26.  Yesterday and today when I've checked for updates, it came back that my program is up to date.  I can tell the program is connecting to McAfee when it checks for updates because the cursor spins and flashes a few times and I've always seen it do that.  I haven't made any changes to this computer. 


      Can this really be true?  Two days with no updates?  Am I being overly concerned about this?  Should I just go have some ice cream and try to update again tomorrow?


      According to the About tab, I have:


      McAfee SecurityCenter

      Version:  12.8

      Build:  12.8.958

      Affld:  105-592

      Language:  en-us

      Last update:  5/24/2014


      McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware

      Version:  16.8

      Build:  16.8.819

      Last Update:  7/28/2014

      Engine version:  1964.0

      Engine creation date:  7/28/2014


      I've got the information for the rest of the items, so if they are needed, please let me know and I will post them.  I don't understand why it has 7/28/2014 for last update and engine creation dates for the anti-virus and anti-spyware because nothing was updated.


      Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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          Hi rocksan,


                      Judging by your latest Engine Version ( 1964.0 )...Actually I would go get me some of my favourite ice-cream   Just kidding...Been a long day. In other words, you are indeed current with your Anti-Virus Engine Version.


                        If I may, ask why you choose to (Manually) update daily? Also, what Operating system do you have?


                    I can see by your Affld: 105-592 that you must be subscribed through either your ISP/Manufacturer. The 13.6.xxx Version is released and being throttled as we correspond. Quite often the case is, often lag behind in Version changes.


          The reason I asked what OS you have is that if it is Windows XP, McAfee Version/Build will go no higher than the 12.8.xxx Version. Yet is still supported by McAfee until the EOL Expiry date. Again, please be assured that you have the most current Engine Version as I do.


                    Is there a reason, you don,t set it to Automatic Update? Or it could be that you indeed have Automatic Update selected,and by the time you (Manually) checked for updates, it could have already done so. Anyhow, your engine Version is current .


          Wishing you all the very Best,



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            Thanks, Cliff.  This computer is Windows 7.  I have no idea what those numbers mean, but the original complimentary McAfee subscription came with the computer (bought it from Dell).  I renewed it when it was going to expire.


            I never really cared for auto updates with software.  In case there's any kind of problem with an update (like the computer blowing up), I want to be there when it updates (so I can wave my fist at it). Seriously though, in the past I had a anti-malware program that updated to a new version and it got totally screwed up.  I don't know why, but the program wouldn't run and kept giving error messages when I tried to open it. I forgot how I fixed it (some nightmares are best left forgotten), but I think I had to do a complete uninstall, go to the manufacturer's site and enter my license key so I could download a fresh version from them.


            Now the only thing left to do is decide what flavor of ice cream...

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              Lol...Enjoy your Ice Cream.


              Windows 7 Sp1 I assume. You will eventually receive the New Version.

              Seems like you have everything under control.



              All the very best,

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                  Rocksan, it's not just you.  My last update was Friday morning, and I thought I was having problems.  I don't have the same system you have.  And I have mine set to notify me it wants to do an update, and  I have to check a box to authorize it.  Not only was I not getting the notification, but when I tried several times to do a manual update, it just kept telling me everything was up to date.  However, like magic, McAfee notification popped up this afternoon, and everything updated for me. So, I don't think it's your system.  Something in McAfee was the reason.  Hope yours is working fine, now.





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                    Hi Gelliot,


                                 It is not abnormal on occasion, for an update to not occur daily for various reasons. I have mine set to (Automatic) with the idler setting off. I have experienced especially around a Holiday, that my Anti-Spam Version not update for 2-3 Days, however my Content incrementally updated.


                                   Thank you for your input, and glad that all is okay.


                    All the Best,


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                      Got an update this afternoon, so all is well.  Thank you and I'll mark this as answered.

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                        Glad that all is okay


                        All the best,