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    Can't open security suite



      I can't open my McAfee Security suite. I have tried clicking on the dwsktop icon and the file location but it won't open. I have tried running administrator and nothing happens then either. I am using Windows 8, and have no other security software on my cmputer. Any suggestions ?



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          Hi naomi_123,

                          Welcome to McAfee Communities. I am not as familiar with Windows 8, as I am with Windows 7 Sp1. Please (Right Click) on your McAfee Icon in the Lower tray, and select (Verify Subscription). See if it indeed verifies it.


                           In addition, Technical Support is available 24/7 via Chat/Phone. You can reach them by looking below my Signateure, or under Useful Links at the top of this page. In addition, you can try and run MVT to attempt to resolve your issue.


                              McAfee TS would have you do so anyways. Maybe some one could add to this discussion as well.


                              You may try to run McAfee Getsusp/Malwarebytes (Free) Version only to check for an infection. Both of these tools can be found below my Signature (Second Link)


          Wishing you all the Very Best,



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            It may be more appropiate for to move this to Security Center for better attention,or General Discussion/Home and office?

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              Peter M

              Thread moved.

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                Go to Your Startups
                and Make sure McAfee Security Center is enabled

                It has (3) branches that are called..

                1 : McAfee = McUICnt.exe
                2 : McAfee Security Center = mcagent.exe
                3 : McAfee Update Launcher = mcupdate.exe


                Reboot then try the icon..

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                  Since the (New) Version of Jive has been implemented, "Useful Links " Are not available. You can reach TS by clicking on the following Link....McAfee Consumer Products - Types of Support




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