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    Quarantine Manager 7.01 Installation (Windows Server 2012)


      I'm attempting to install MQM 7.0.1 (w/ Rollup 1) onto a Windows Server 2012 R2 server using SQL 2012.


      I know that support for the OS and SQL version were added in Rollup 1, however, the core installation doesn't support 2012 versions.  I attempted to simply install the unsupported version on the Windows server and force the Rollup 1 setup prior to doing a majority of database activity/config.


      All I'm receiving now, post-install / rollup, are warnings of unsupported browsers when trying to access the Admin UI.  If I try to use the DB config from the Admin UI, it doesn't load completely.  I don't have the options to select MySQL or SQL Server from the database type drop-down selector.  I've tried both IE and FireFox, as well.


      Really just trying to see if anyone has had any success, and whether it was installed from the ground up on Server 2012 R2.