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    vsepflt.sys filter driver


      I have been working on a McAfee Move Install that has stalled and I'm running out of options and looking for some help.  Presently I'm running a floating view environment on the latest updated ESXi 5.1 and having major performances issues when I turn on my SVA servers. 


      The most noticable issues are on bootup with a substance delay > 10 seconds opening applications.  The problems are bad enough where I can't put the product into production.


      My issues seem nearly identical to these problems listed here: https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB79358


      I do not believe that can be my issue however because I am on build version 1900470 or 5.1ep05 which should be post fix.  I wanted to know if anyone has any experience running on this version and what the results are?


      It seems that all the problems are related to the filter driver and I wanted to know if anyone could assist me in getting VSEPFLT.sys  I'm presently running which McAfee has said they do not official support and which maybe thesource of my problems.




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