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    LiveSafe-Internet Security not able to detect and Remove Adware PriceChop and SaveMass



      I am using LiveSafe-Internet Security and it is not able to detect and remove the mentioned adwares. These adwares are highly annoying as they keep showing ads all over the screen and on all websites. So to read the content of any website I try harder. They have made my browser and system a bit slow too. I have already uninstalled the programs from ad/remove programs Control Panel and removed them from my browser extensions in chrome and internet explorer. But they keep coming back. I don't want to endanger my system further by downloading and installing yet another adware program. I am using windows 8.1. Please suggest any ideas as to how to remove it. If you can suggest me where the adware is then I might remove them manually using a live linux USB Drive. That is ok by me. I have already undone the cookies.