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    ePO 4.6 - Snapshot of current policies.




      Is there a way/s to get a summary of existing policies(with details for each policy) in ePO so that in future if some changes happen I can go back and compare the changes.


      It's like taking a snapshot of current policies and then if any policy gets deleted or something simiar happens I can go back to the old snapshot and see the differences.


      Reference to any KB article or any thoughts/ideas will be much appreciated.







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          You can export policies with computer name in excel file and later you can compare if some thing goes wrong.


          How to create query :


            1. Go to ePO console > Queries & Report.
            2. Select New Query.
            3. Select Feature Group = Policy Management and Result Type as Applied Policies.
            4. Select Chart as Table
            5. Select Columns:
              1. Computer Name
              2. Policy
            6. Now move to next option : Filter and select product (You can choose which product policies you want to export)
            7. Now Run the query, a complete list with Computer name with assinged policies will come.


          You can also divide results with Servers and Workstations, you need to add one more filter as OS Platform = Server.

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            That's one way of having a backup for sure, thanks ansarias.


            I was looking for more like backing up all the poicies available in ePO server.


            It's unfortunate that snapshot is available only from 5.0 and above.


            Thanks again.

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              For ePO 4.x you can export policy assignment from policy catalog