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    Editing Filters

    LT McGary

      We are currently on Nitro 9.4.0 with no hotfixes applied. Has anyone seen issues with trying to edit filters? I am able to create a new filter and roll it out without issue. When I go back into the filter and edit it, I receive the following error when I try to rollout it out: (Could not update policy "Error: Could not execute command on device" (NotOk failed to validate rules file))


      Right now, the only way to update a filter is to delete it and re-create it. Has anyone else seen this issue? If so, do you have a work around?

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          Actually i've just tested and there is no way to modify the filter rule. The option to edit the rule is grayed out.

          I'm using 9.4 0715  so most probably the edit option is disabled due to the fact that it doesn't work.


          Let's see if someone else has something to add

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            Interesting..... We're on 9.3.2 and I'm experiencing the opposite. Our default ( not custom ) rules/filters are getting corrupted ( We think from failing over ESM from Primary to Redundant/Redundant to Primary).  We just re-upload the rules file and 15 minutes we are good again.   note: this also prevents the autolearn function on the receivers.


            I need to poke more at our 9.4.0 dev/test environment...