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    ePO 5.1 - Can you use ePO with a 1 Way Trust Domain?


      Hi All,


      I pretty sure the answer is no but I thought I would double check before I built another ePO server. I currently have a special domain that we only have a 1 way trust into DomainB and nothing can come back to DomainA. ePO is installed in DomainA. As the Agents in DomainB will not be able to check back into the server, is that part completely necessary? I could push the newest .DAT file from the ePO server and then they would be up to date correct? I just would have no reporting on the Agents/Servers.


      Or should I just install another ePO server in that domain and call it a day? Or is there a better solution?


      Thanks in Advance.


      - JT


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