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    Move log shows no servers Disable protection


      So we are running Move for our VM's and we have a bunch of machines that all of a sudden show as disabled in ePO.  While investigating I looked at the logs on one of the clients and can see the following:


      U.2024.4076: Jul 24 2014:11:18:22.869:   ERROR: eppl_properties.cpp:  256: MA_Agent Integration: Failed to establish connection with primary offload server [ : 9053]. err: 10022


      U.2024.4076: Jul 24 2014:11:18:23.869:   ERROR: eppl_properties.cpp:  279: MA_Agent Integration: Failed to establish connection with secondary offload server [ : 9053]. err: 10022


      I manually disabled/enabled the agent and this showed up:


      K.0004.0076: Jul 24 2014:13:17:42.899:   ERROR: ivmc_machine.c: 1959: Primary server address not set.

      K.0004.0076: Jul 24 2014:13:17:42.899:   WARNING: ivmc_machine.c: 2008: Secondary server address not set.


      But if I view the status it clearly shows the correct offload server names which are ping-able from that box.


      The weird thing is that some of the vm's on the same host can connect to the scanner


      These machines had all been working fine but all of a sudden stopped.


      Any thoughts on things to look at are appreciated