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    EPO AD not synching




      I've just inherited EPO 4.6.0 to manage at our company and it's in a bit of a state so I have a few questions if I may..


      First thing I noticed was that AD was not synchronising properly as there were loads of systems in the Detected System Status\Inactive list that were no longer in AD. A quick look on the forums and I'm now upgraded to EPO 4.6.8 as it's a known issue apparently.

      Despite this update, the systems in Detected System Status\Inactive list did not change so further checks showed that the synch type was set to none for the group in the system tree so that was never going to work!

      I've now amended this to synchronise systems only as a flat list as I dont want the entire AD structure importing into the system tree, but the systems that are definitely not in AD are still in the Detected System Status\Inactive list??


      One thing I did notice was that I manually moved a detected system from the inactive list to the system tree and deployed the agent to it, yet it still appeared in the Detected System Status\Inactive list?


      Any idea what I might be doing wrong, though I'm new to this so be gentle with me





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          Laszlo G

          Hi oldskoolskater, the detected systems is the section where Rogue Sensor puts discovered computers on the net (not on AD). There may appear old computers that no longer exist so the easiest thing to do is deleting computers appearing there and if a RSD is still working then it will refill the list with new discovered computers.


          Of course computers will still appear there if they have no mcafee agent or a mcafee agent not managed by your epo  (or even if they haven't contacted epo for X days)

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            Thanks for the clarification Laszlo G - much appreciated

            There are a LOT of systems in the inactive list where the last detected time is way back in 2011, so presuambly this would include systems with no agent as well as systems that have agents installed but unreachable?


            Loks like it may be best for me to do the manual remove, though I'd hoped that the AD synch would have removed anything not currently present in AD thus saving me the hassle.

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              Laszlo G

              In fact AD sync and RSD detections are very different things and that's why you don't see an integration between.


              RSD has a largest use than the one we usually do on ePO, discovering network devices is just the first step it does