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    Anti-Keylogger Warning


      I installed this application, from Global Information Technology

      Anti-keylogger Installer


      Global Information Technology (UK) Limited.

      I didn't put the URL, as this application is best avoided!

      It didn't work for me, as I still have keystrokes being logged, by the thousand per session.

      (None of the keystrokes are allowed to be sent out to wherever though, because they are blocked by SAfeSpace, the application
      I referred to in my earlier post regarding 'Safer Web Browsers.' Still prefer to have none being logged though)

      So I tried to uninstall it. There was no way it would let me do this very easily!

      It was still there, lurking in the background at system startup and prevented the Explorer shell from working properly, which resulted with a system hang, with the hourglass cursor when it was moved near the taskbar. Normal uninstall was not an option.

      The next thing to do, after rebooting to an alternative OS of Windows XP Pro, was to try to delete the .exe files associated with this horrible little app. Not possible within Windows GUI, so tried booting into safe mode DOS from F8 menu. Still couldn't do it. So in DOS, disabled any left over services, still running for this app.
      Still no go, (by the way), after every modification, a reboot into Windows was tried, resulting with the same, broken and hanging system.
      From there, tried booting into DOS, not safe mode, but booting from a Windows XP setup CD into DOS and choosing the 'Repair' option.

      Here though, the regedit command is not recognised, so gave up with that option.

      Booted agin to alternative OS.

      Eventually, after a couple of visits to the registry and after some trial and error, I managed to get back into the Windows explorer shell environment, to discover here that most security features, including firewall, had been disabled by this awful application.

      From this point, the only option left, was to restore the system to a point, just created before the installation of this thing.

      Now, Windows seems to work properly again.


      (Some hours later) Had to re-install Windows again at this point, because SafeSpace no longer worked properly.

      I think it is dreadful, how a supposedly reputable company would create an app like this and make it so difficult to get rid of! It's irresponsible. Damn UK company. Any less experienced user would have been in trouble here I imagine and I find this pretty bad and plan to let the company know about this.

      I'm really annoyed with this (cr)application. Best avoided.
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          Peter M
          Thanks for posting this.
          • 2. RE: Anti-Keylogger Warning
            Peter M
            The makers of the above application asked me to open this thread so they can ask you what went wrong. Sorry for the inconvenience.
            • 3. RE: Thread open again
              Hi Ex_Brit,

              Hope you are keeping well.

              No problem at all with you about opening this thread up again.

              I will admit, I was a little mad with them, when I composed that post and have had a few exchanges of mail with them about it.

              Thing is, although I've been pretty specific in my mails to them, they seem to keep
              coming back, asking questions, that I've already answered, as if they could not be bothered to look further down the page.
              They say to leave the message body intact, so they can refer to it, yet they don't seem to read it.

              Now I understand why you are an 'Ex_Brit'...;)

              I've lived many years around mainland Europe and things just seem to get done properly over there.



              PS - I now have a photobucket account and when I get a moment, how should I notify you about the new sig file? Reply to a thread you have replied to? Or make a new thread, marked for your attention?
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                Peter M
                Make a new thread in "Test Your Posting Skills" with the URL to use. Or you could do it yourself, just substitute the URL for the old one in exactly the same manner as it shows now.

                It's up to you. I don't mind doing it.

                By the way, thanks for the good wishes. I'm fine despite my heart condition and gallstones (LOL) and I know what you mean about being an "Ex-Brit".
                • 5. RE: Sig file
                  Hi again,

                  Thanks for the mail, that's okay, I think I can manage that then, if it's just a case of substituting a new URL for the old one.

                  Please let me know if you see two images again though, as I didn't see that before.

                  Well, I hope your health improves.

                  I have a bit of a chronic lung condition myself and am hoping not to get swine flu,
                  although I think it's possible, that my PC has it..;)


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                    Peter M
                    Ah the joys of old age...did I mention the arthritis too?....the only good thing about it is that the Government actually pays me back a bit of the King's ransom they took from me during my working existence. Get your flu shot as soon as it's available.

                    I'll keep my eye's out for your signature.
                    • 7. RE: Sig file

                      Sorry, for the delay, but I have just spent the past 2 days, having to compose horribly detailed emails for the water company, who took only 3 months, to correct a spelling error with my name and to read my meter. Just a catalogue of errors on their part really, ie, read the meter, but 'failed' to enter them into my account etc.

                      Secondly, far worse, a local government agency, chasing me, to pay a charge, for some service that I don't receive.. It's a joke, really!

                      I felt much better, when I lived abroad to be honest.

                      Regarding the logo, I'll eventually get around to it, when this the dust of this other nonsense has settled.

                      Best wishes,


                      Ah the joys of old age...did I mention the arthritis too?....the only good thing about it is that the Government actually pays me back a bit of the King's ransom they took from me during my working existence. Get your flu shot as soon as it's available.

                      I'll keep my eye's out for your signature
                      • 8. RE: Sig file
                        Peter M
                        OK, good luck.
                        • 9. FAO Ex_Brit - RE: Anti-Keylogger Warning
                          Hi Ex_Brit,

                          Would you please keep an eye out for a forthcoming reply to this anti-keylogger thread,
                          soon to be posted by the author of the product?

                          This will be from:

                          Vadim T.

                          Support Team

                          Global Information Technology (UK) Limited


                          who did ask for my permission, regarding replying to this thread, and includes, some emails, that we have excahnged on this matter.

                          I said that I did not mind, so long as they say that the email is from AntiVirMan,

                          and that they do NOT include my email address.

                          I was wondering, if they put that detail in by mistake, could you possibly edit it out of the email header info, and put 'witheld by request' in it's place?

                          I would be thankful if you could do this, if they don't do it as per my request.

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