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    Using VSE 8.8 Access Protection Rules to Temporarily Isolate System?


      Quick question I thought I would run across the forum to see if anyone else has done this before.  We have a group in EPO that we have built for use on virus outbreaks.  I have a task set up to push the Stinger install and then scan the system with it, along with a full system scan using High heuristics settings.  I wanted to add a custom rule in the Access Protection that would shut off access to any network shares as well as any internet access.  I have the Anti-rirus Outbreak control set to block on make all shares read only and block read and write access to all shares, but that doesn't appear to even work once the policy applies.  Anyone done anything like this before or is there a better way to do it?  Trying to automate the process more and isolate the infected systems until someone can get to the system and pull it off the network for scanning.  Thanks!