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    sensor and MDR problem




      I have configured the MDR via NSM (version peer manager is set to IP =, but I am unable to see any change of settings on sensor...there is still "old" configuration IP=, which I set a faw weeks ago.


      When I am trying to change the secondary manager IP via sensor CLI directly, I got "This operation is not allowed from IdsCli while in MDR mode. Please set it from the manager"


      Do you know how to fix this? 




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          I have reproduced this issue in my lab - I assume you're attempting to use the following command to change the secondary Manager IP address:


          set manager secondary ip X.X.X.X


          This does not work because you have an MDR pair - it is the primary Managers responsibility to pass down the secondary IP to the Sensor.


          I would recommend the following to potentially resolve your issue:


          1. Reboot your Sensor and check the status with the 'show' command.


          2. If the Sensor still does not inherit the correct IP address of the secondary Manager, try the following commands:


          setup (enter all necessary information)



          Please attempt the above procedures and report your results here. Thanks.





          Jesse Olson

          Technical Support Engineer

          McAfee. Part of Intel Security.

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            Reboot is a solution, then the sensor is able to connect with peer manager correctly.

            I usually don't like solution like this, because reboot has an network impact, but thanks for your advice anyway.



            Petr Bucek