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    Using AVScanner to scan a file using ICAP client



      I have deployed the trial version of VirusScan Enterprise and VirusScan Enterprise Storage V 8.8


      I am trying to access the AVScanner (ICAP Server) and getting a file scanned using an ICAP client.


      I am able to get a Response from teh AVScanner, but the response always is

      ICAP/1.0 100 Continue


      The request and the response seem to be as per standards. Want to know if I am missing anything.


      The ICAP request and response are as below:


      Request to AV Scanner

      ICAP IN -->

      RESPMOD icap:// VirusScan Enterprise for Storage ICAP/1.0


      User-Agent: IBMICAPClient 1.0

      Allow: 204

      X-Authenticated-User: cmFteXVyYWxAaW4uaWJtLmNvbQ==

      Encapsulated: req-hdr=0, res-hdr=87, res-body=134


      GET HTTP:// HTTP/1.1

      Host: localhost


      HTTP/1.1 200 OK

      Transfer-Encoding: chunked








        Response from AV Scanner


      ICAP OUT <--

      ICAP/1.0 100 Continue