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    Computer hacked approximately immediately - McAfee Secuirty Center installed


      I set up a new Windows 7 computer for someone. The dell laptop came with McAfee Secuity Center, so I left that as the protection - updated everything, installed various standard applications.

      Within hours of handing it over, (at least) the following programs were installed:

      Omiga Plus


      Easy Deals




      SmartSaver+ 15





      The user claims they did approximately nothing with the machine 'other than to download google chrome' and then everything started breaking.

      McAfee reports no problems, even after a thorough scan. Chrome and Mozilla seem to not run. Internet Explorer had its home page altered, of course, but also now just crashes anyway.

      My first question - why does McAfee think nothing of all these being installed?

      Secondly - how was it so easy to install all this seemingly without the user's knowledge/consent?


      I consider this setup a lost cause, and will wipe the machine start over. I am pretty shocked how fast the machine got dominated...