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    No Network Detected Error Message


      I get this message on my WIN7 version of the Security Suite when I look at 'My Installed Network'. Chatted with 'experts' on several user forums who made educated guesses, but of no help. Finally got thru to the real Uverse Macafee Help Desk, a 70 minute phone call involving uninstall's, reinstalls, reboots, remote control by the technician AND and same results. Error message still there. Strangely the version of this software on my VISTA laptop is OK  and shows my network map. Apparently this error message does not negate any of the security features, BUT Macafee has a problem they do not have solution for, so what other problems are out there?

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          If you are running a 64 BIT OS & you have run MVT the issue is that MVT changed a Registry Key that ties to HOME NETWORK DEFENSE.

          To Fix the MVT "Fix" & Get your HOME NETWORK DEFENSE module working again do the following:


          Run REGEDIT on your Computer




          Under this area Find HomeNetSvc - Click on this


          In the sidebox look for the item that says REG_EXPAND_SZ


          It should Say "C:\Program Files\McAfee\Platform\McSvcHost\McSvHost.exe"/McCoreSvc


          If It Says "C:\Program Files (x86) \McAfee\Platform\McSvcHost\McSvcHost.exe"/McCoreSvc


          Then Right Click on the  Name IMAGEPATH in front of the Registry Key, Click MODIFY, then in the box that pops up,Remove the (x86) from the Registry Value; then Click OK.

          Close Registry Editior.

          Restart Your Computer.


          Once Restarted Navigate to the McAfee GUI, to Netowrk Defense, the Issue should be solved, your network map should be back up.




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            Peter M

            Very interesting, thanks axcel3.  I'm going to mention this on  our next weekly call with McAfee staff.


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              Yes, interesting & annoying. Took me abount an hour to figure out why after running MVT the first time ("fixing" the problem that didn't exist) & then rescanning with MVT it was telling me that the HOMENETSVC wasn't running & that MVT couldn't fix the issue.


              Once I found the messed up Registry Key it took a split second to fix the "fix". As I know that "Bugs" happen & that {A} Not everyone is really Tech Savvy & {B} That on occasion certain "bugs" crop up that McAfee Techs have one bugger of a time finding, fixing or on occasion even saying exist; I thought it wise to share the Information.


              Hopefully, it helps someone before they lose their temper & hopefully it helps McAfee fix the issue with MVT.

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                Close but no cigar! Yoy didn't give instructions if the (x86) was not present, which in my case it was not.

                So I am back to square one, Any more ideas would be helpful

                FYI: I don't think I ever ran MVT since I wouldn't know how.

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                  It,s rather simple to do should you wish to. Kindly open (Useful Links) at the top of this thread,and click on Technical Support. You will immediately be shown MVT-McAfee Virtual Technician (Top Left). Click on it,and follow instructions.


                  Should it not resolve your issue, you will have ran it and can at this point Contact Technical support.


                  TS will have the "Session ID #", and you can proceed from there.


                  Wishing you all the Best,


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                    Peter M

                    I am assured that they are working on this - hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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                      My apologies  thegrayfox.


                      I was only able to give a workaround for the issue which I had seen on an X64 (64 Bit Install) of Windows (both Win 7 & Vista).


                      If you are running an x32 (32 Bit Install) of Windows then I can tell you that all that would be there {in the hard drive} would be a File Called PROGRAM FILES, because that would be the "Native" directory. Therefore in the Registry, all Registry Keys would show Program Files in the above noted area. So if you are running x32 (32 Bit Windows), the Registry Key under:




                      should say- "C:\Program Files\McAfee\Platform\McSvHost.exe"/McCoreSvc


                      Because in an x32 (32 Bit Install Of WINDOWS) that would be the "Native" directory.


                      Easiest way to tell if you have a x32 or x64 Bit Install of WINDOWS is to go to the CONTROL PANEL; find SYSTEM and click on it: It will tell you about the System including if the OS is x32 (32 Bit) or x64 (64 Bit).


                      If your WINDOWS install is x64 (64 Bit) I am not sure what to tell you.


                      For anyone reading this that doesn't understand "Tech Speak" -

                      In an x64 (64 Bit Install Of WINDOWS) there are 2 different directories: the "Native" which is PROGRAM FILES {64 BIT} and PROGRAM FILES (x86) {32 Bit}.


                      However in an x32 (32 Bit Install Of WINDOWS) there is only 1 directory: PROGRAM FILES; as this is the "Native" for this type of install.

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                        Thought I would share an interesting "development" in this issue:


                        Ran MVT as a lark, just to see hat would happen.


                        Now MVT says that the REGISTRY KEY for McAfee Home Network Is wrong (which it isn't) & it says that the Home Network Service isn't running (which it is; Network Map shows up just fine).


                        Figured I would share this; as I know that the more information the Technicians have; the easier it can be to find and fix "bugs".

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                          Please be assured that all of us Moderators/Technicians are indeed "Tech-Savy" . As Ex_Brit mentioned in Post #6 that he was assured that the issue is being worked on. Having said this...Thank you for your input.


                          As you stated, if the Network displays ,and  the McAfee UI , states that "You are Secure" then everything is simply okay.


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