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    Overview Page Not Showing Status of PCs


      Hello Mcafee Community,


      The Overview page in My Accounts isn't showing the PC status anymore. All it says is: Looking for device info? You’ll find it right here—coming soon. Everything was working yesterday morning and after doing an installation it all switched to this. Is this something that I did on my end, or is there something wrong with the website?



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          So some new information should help with this post. Unfortunetly I was at work and was unable to post a complete post.


          I installed Total Protection on Friday, July 18, 2014. After installing 14 computers at my office the Device Security section on My Accounts all showed status correctly with Last Scan and Next Scan information. All of the computers here have private static IP's. On Monday, July 21, 2014 I went to our next office to start more installations. After installing the first one all Status information changed to "Looking for device info? You'll find it right here--coming soon" The computers at this office are on public assigned IP's. Also just noticed today on ALL installations if I look at the My Home Network, they all say, "No Network Detected". After researching the support pages and community I found a page with the system requirments for My Home Network. The article states that I can't have public IP's assigned (Which I don't on the ones in my office) and some other small conditions that I know I meet.


          My guess here is that there is an error with the computers trying to sync to the account from both private and public IP's.


          So, here's my attempt at contacting Tier 1 Tech Support (Which I will never do again, worse service I have ever encountered)


          The Represenitive stated to just ignore it since it doesn't affect my security. After letting the Rep know that the online service it offered was the main reason I chose this product so I can watch and maintain all Mcafee products from afar since about half of the computers are in different states and the people using them even have problems trying to figure out how to turn the machines on... The Rep pushed back and said its just a Synchronization error and not to worry and should be fixed in the next Mcafee update. Okay fine... waited about a day and an update came...


          Still not working, contacted Tier 1 again, Rep states same exact things! Must be an automatic script that they have because it was same word for word. After pulling the "Refund or Fix" card the Rep finally attempted to help.


          After being put on hold for a few minutes while the Rep "Looked" into it, he comes back and says this, "It looks like due to the previous update, the Device Status information only works on Windows 8 operating systems, this should be fixed in the next update." Really?! So Mcafee took away functionality for major operating systems and only allowed it on one? And then go back and readd it? Didn't make sense so I asked for Tier 2, the Rep pushed back and said he will look more...


          Less then a minute later he comes back and says, "So it looks like the status page normally takes 2-8 days to update" Really!!? Another run around? So the first response about Windows 8 was obviously a lie, and so I pushed back and stated why would they have a Device Status page if it only updates every 2-8 days? Defeats the purpose doesn't it? Also on Monday, they were updating INSTANTLY. As soon as a scan was run and if anything was found I was able to tell less than 2 seconds later on My Accounts. Asked for Tier 2 AGAIN and....


          The Rep simply states, "Sorry for your inconvienence..." With no other response.


          So I request Tier 2 once more and finally said, If you don't move this ticket up I will demand a refund.


          So he says, Let me see if Tier 2 is available...
          It's about 9:00am PST for me at the time...


          "I'm sorry it looks like Tier 2 isn't available, may I get your contact info so they can contact you tomorrow?"


          At this point I'm ******, I state I'm willing to wait on hold till they are available...


          Rep pushes back and states they are on a schedule basis and they are not available, I say screw it and schedule the call back for 8-10am PST today.


          SO... I get a call today at 7:45, obviously its before the time that I stated and wasn't in the office yet, stated this to the rep and requested them to call me back within 30min to 1hour, they said they CANNOT do that and will try again tomorrow.



          So long story short, I want these issues resolved ASAP as I haven't even had the product a week and many problems are coming up.


          Help Anyone?

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            I am sorry you have not gotten any satisfaction from Tech Suport.


            Do you happen to have the names of the folks you were in contact with? Did they give you a support session number that you could post for the Forum Tech to review?


            Chances are the folks you were dealing with are located in another part of the world and there is time differences to take into consideration. That is no excuse however because support is available 24/7


            If no session number then I suggest you do a online chat session with them and there would be a session log generated to follow up with and the number would be something like 484570-XXXXXXXX

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              As Tom asked post job number you got and I will ping a higher level tech to contact you.


              That said the message in My account has been like that for ages we mods mentioned it in our call many times it does not hurt things but can be annoying. I thought that it did not work for any product bar livesafe though my account shows it could be OS driven...Re the netowk message that needs a tech to inverstigate so I have asked him to contact you.


              Out of interest why are you not using enterprise for 14+ installs


              I have pinged a tech to help you


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                Hello Tom and Peacekeeper,


                Thank you so much for responding and sorry for the late reply. Unfortunetly I lost the information on who I spoke with yesterday. Today I went through 2 different chat reps, and guess what they actually were up for helping! Unfortunetly I wasn't able to get to the computer we THINK is the problem computer that caused the desync. So tomorrow I'll have to get down there to do remote access with a tech. First Service Chat: 1534448812; Second: 1534460431. No contact from any techs yet, hope to hear from one soon.

                Regarding the enterprise, this is why: http://home.mcafee.com/store/all-access-security


                and: http://www.shopmcafee.com/store/mfesmb/en_US/pd/ThemeID.36633000/productID.28614 1800


                With the small business (since we have a max total of 30 computers) would come out to $1550
                With the Home Office edition, almost the same exact protection for 49.99 for unlimited devices.


                I understand that the enterprise versions have more managment software to moniter and make changes, but I figured I could save money by using the online features for home office and just use remote access to make modifications/run scans.


                Unfortunely as well, it twas my boss's decision, and he likes things cheap ha.

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                  Ah I understand. Re the account info the tech I asked seems to think it was fixed for win 7 but also is product dependent . We are discussing this more on Monday in our next moderator call and if I find anything I will update here. I have aske dfor a higher level tech to check your support issues and contact you but I am unsure which are his rostered days off so it might be a day or 2.