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    Support for SCADA protocols


      I understand that the NGFW supports SCADA signatures such as OPC from version 5.7.4 onward. Is there a list available of the protocols supported. I.e. is Modbus and DNP3 supported?

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          Using 5.8.0 and dynamic update package 612, I show a number of Situations for OPC; MODBUS and DNP3 do not show up as a Protocol or Situation at this time. However, I understand that the research teams are working on those ICS/SCADA protocols as well. So, "coming soon"?

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            With SMC 5.8.1 and dynamic update package 625, the SMC now includes MODBUS and DNP3 protocols, with supported Situations. OPC was also updated extensively with new Situations. You can check the release note for the applicable dynamic update packages for more details.