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    ..\DB\Events folder is filling with *.Pkg and .xml files for about 115GB


      Dear All,


           We found our ePO server's "C" drive having free space about 50 GB (it has 290 GB capacity).


           On further analysis of folders on C drive, C:\Programfiles\McAfee\ePO\DB\Events has lots and Lots of *.PKG and *.XML files which sizes about 115GB.


           After refering from the forum https://community.mcafee.com/message/161091#161091


                 we started Mcafee eventparser services , now all the files has been moved to C:\Programfiles\Mcafee\ePO\DB\Events\Debug folder.


                Can we delete these files manually to release some space on the hard drive ?


                 Will it affect the ePO 's functionality?


                ePO Server Configurations


                Windows Server 2003 R2 , Mcafee ePO 4.6.1