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    Stuck Scanning?


      So I ran a full scan and it finished, but then another scan started at 45% and continued to scan. It scanned until 57% and has been like this for 2 days. I can't use the stop or pause buttons and turning off the computer doesn't do anything. Anyone know what's happening and how to fix it?

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          I would suggest uninstalling your software and reboot the computer followed by running MCPR removal tool and reboot again.


          Login to your online McAfee account and download and install your software. By the way MCPR is found under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Sounds like you may have a corrupt installation.


          If still having problems contact Technical Support and they are available 24/7

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            I agree with Tom,s assessment,something does not sound right? Could you by chance have run a Scan close to the time a "Scheduled Scan" was due to start? I always have my scans set to run around (4:00 am) when I know my useage will be less likely.


            In addition, I hope you have no other Anti-Virus installed as well, as it would conflict with McAfee.



            To assist/guide you through the steps,and the link for the (MCPR) Tool, can all be found/located below my Signature. (First Link) 


            Edit; There is another Work-Around available also,for scans "Hanging @ 98%-99% to help resolve the issue.However in this case ,I feel would not solve your issue. Please report back your results,after running a scan.



            Wishing you all the very Best,



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              Thanks for the help, my McAfee is working fine now. I think I did actually run a scan near the time a full scan was scheduled to happen. The only other AntiVirus I have installed is MalwareBytes.

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                I am glad to see that your software is working fine now

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                  You are perfectly welcome

                  Actually I inadvertently did the same on one occasion....

                  Malwarebytes is just fine as long as you keep it the (Free) Version.

                  Simply update it before scanning, as a compliment to your McAfee software.


                  I might add, that Malwarebytes (Free) is basically a Anti-Malware Program.

                  Please never run (2) Anti-Virus Applications,as they will conflict.

                  Which will leave you in a position to become infected.


                  Wishing you all the very Best,


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                    Moved this to VirusScan as a better spot.




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                      Thanks Peter