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    Command prompt window opening and closing spontaneously


      Hi, I have 2 laptops, both identical: HP Pavilion with Windows 8.1 and McAfee LiveSafe internet security (McAfee antivirus and antispyware version 17.6).  Both loaded with HP support assistant.


      Apologies in advance for the lack of info and for my complete lack of computing knowledge.


      I was using one of the laptops 12 days ago.  Having switched it on about 5 minutes previously, I was looking at webmail when 2 command prompt boxes popped up in quick succession.  They closed very quickly but I think I caught something flike "1 files copied".  I happened to have the windows 8 network folder open and noted an unknown Galaxy nexus device in my network, which disappeared shortly after.  At the time I didn't worry as I thought it was a maintenance process, and assumed I was picking up a neighbour's device on my network.  I think HP support assistant may have been doing something at the time.


      I was using the other laptop about 5 days ago, when again the command prompt box briefly flashed up and disappeared.  I didn't catch it but think it was different from the previous episode.  Again it was shortly after switching the machine on.  Again I noted a (differently named) nexus in my network.


      I have run McAfee scans which have detected no problems.  Nothing similar has happened again.


      Would you be worried about this?  Does windows / HP support assistant sometimes open command prompt windows for routine maintenance/updates?  It is the fact that it has occurred on both machines which particularly concerns me.

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