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    RSD: feed multiple ePOs with one DHCP


      Hi girls and boys,



      I have a question  related to RSD sensors. Would be great to have an answer, or advice.

      Here it comes:




      We have a big, complicated, segmented network, lots of phisical locations.

      Bigger sites have their own ePO server to administer the clients on-site. At the time of the initial design this seemed to be the best shot (and, considering our network infrastructure, still might be).


      Most of our clients are served from a central DHCP server (IP address-wise).



      As the model, where the client discovery information comes from the DHCP server seems to be the best for complicated enterprise-scale networks, we prefer this.



      So I have one DHCP and several ePOs.


      And the RSD sensor (as far as I know), communicates only with one ePO(?).



      My quesion is: Is there a way to 'feed' multiple ePOs with one DHCP server/RSD sensor (with discovery data)?