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    "Installation Incomplete" and tech support is starting to invade my life


      I was pretty excited when I found out all Optimum Online customers were being given access to McAfee.  I was less excited when it took several days for the download to even work.  When it finally did, I received the message "Installation Incomplete.  We were not able to install any of the security features in this program."  Well then.


      I did some googling, and I tried uninstalling all instances of C++ and running MPCR or whatever you call that program that uninstalls all instances of McAfee.  Same result.  That's when I resorted to calling tech support.  At first, they tried doing exactly the same things despite me telling them that I already tried that.  Then, when it inevitably didn't work again, they said they would bring it to Tier 2.  I'll admit that when I have my computer, the most personal possession I own, controlled remotely from India, it feels a little invasive.  However, when tech support contacts me three days in a row before work one day, after work the next, and during work the following day so that they can spend hours controlling my computer, deleting things from the registry, and doing other things I don't understand, and then asking me if there's a consistent time they can call me every single day (There isn't.  I have an erratic schedule.), it begins to feel very invasive.


      I think I might start using AVG or some other free program or firewall because tech support just won't admit to me that this is a lost cause, and I'm getting sick of devoting hours of my precious internet time to letting them mess around with my laptop from the other side of the world.



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