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    False Artemis! 1BCF9BE802BE


      Found this as I installed the game "Grim Dawn", through steam (it's the game .exe). I really hope McAffe adds a way to exclude files from the real time scanning, because this just gets annoying.

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          Please refer to this Discussion/Thread suggested to another OP, with a similar issue.






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            Thanks for the reply, wil submit the file and hope for the best.



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              You,re quite welcome

              Good Luck....



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                Just letting you know Mcafee security centre version 13.6 has file exclusions for real time scanning available so you could exclude the file. What worries me is that the file actually could be compromised and bypassing scanning of it could lead to issues on your PC.

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                  I'm pretty sure that I'm running the 13.6 version, but the real time scanning is still putting the file in question in quarantine, even after I have added it to the excluded files. Is there anything that I may need to do to finalise the process, or maybe another way to exclude the file. (I'm also sure that the file is safe, and I have submitted it through GetSusp)

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                    Hi magichead,

                                     I must be honest and admit that I was hesitant in informing you, that (File Exclusion) was indeed implemented once again in the (13.6) Version. Having said this, with how suddenly Files/Downloads change so suddenly, especially dealing with Game Downloads/Bit Torrents....I suggested you to submit the File/Download in question.


                                      Just from McAfee alone, there has been over (800) variants/detections  alone.


                    Again, as Pk informed you that in the new Version, excluding Files is again available. Yet, I would seriously weigh against the preference of (Wanting to play a Game)-( Against what is safe for my system)  Which clearly Peacekeeper stated himself....


                    In other words..."We always try to keep (Your) best interests at heart......


                    Please wait and see if the Submission is "Whitelisted"   Because the term "Game.exe" is notorious for malicous behaviour/Traits.




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                      Thanks for that catdaddy.


                      I am a very cautious person when it comes to these sorts of issues so i really do hope the file I submitted through GetSusp gets "whitelisted" as i really don't want to have to disable and enable the real time scanning just to play a game (not just the inconvenience, but also the security side of it). The game itself was downloaded directly through Steam, so I highly doubt that the games .exe is an infected file (and the file is actually called "grimdawn.exe"), but I do realise that mistakes can happen.


                      Other than that, as I stated in my previous post, the real time scanning still contines to quarantine the file, even though it is on the exclusion list (I'm not expecting you to do anything about it, but it can be a source of fustration if a function doesn't work as it should)


                      Thanks for bearing with me, I do appreciate the advice that both you and Peacekeeper have given me.

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                        No Problem at all   With todays Technology, and how things change in a "Nano-second" it could very well be that McAfee still detects something suspicious? Hopefully your submittal will prove that the file is clean.


                        Thank you for being Security Oriented, for trust me....there are many that are not.

                        Please post back if not resolved in 4-5 days......


                        Wishing you all the best,