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    Artemis!DCAEDD0A170E false trojan


      This is an exe file for a game that I bought via steam. File name insurgency2.exe. Cant play the game cause McAfee Antivirus Plus keeps picking it up as a trojan. Not sure how to avoid this any help is appriciated. thanks

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          Quite often Gamers run into this pertaining to Steam/Minecraft and others. If you feel that the File/Download was Falsely detected. Please follow the guidelines/instructions below my Signature on "How to submit False Artemis!/samples to McAfee Labs.


          The Link is HERE


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            I might add also, upon your submittal you should receive a confirmation that McAfee Labs has it to be analyzed. There will be a Analysis ID # associated with it. Please allow 4-5 buisness days to process.


            If not resolved by then, kindly post back the Analysis ID #, and quite possibly we can try and expedite the process.


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