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    Transferred systems to ePO5.1 from 4.6, but they came back to 4.6




      I'm working on upgrading our current ePO 4.6 environment to ePO 5.1.   I'm doing a side by side upgrade and have the 5.1 environment pretty much ready to start taking on systems.


      After getting the keys exported from one server to the other and registering the 5.1 server to 4.6, I transferred a few systems over to the new environment.   Everything seemed fine and OK, until a few hours later, when I came back and noticed that these systems I had transferred had reverted back to ePO 4.6.


      My current theory is that ePO 4.6 is picking them up during the hourly AD sync, and pulling them back over.   Is there a way to prevent these systems from switching back over to 4.6?