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    VM-Based scan config


      I have a fresh install of MOVE 3.0 and cannot find anywhere on the docs how one should seutp vm-based scan policies.


      MOVE AV 3.0 product guide explains on chappter 3, page 28 that one should edit or create an SVA policy and select the VM-based scan configuration but that as far as it goes.


      I've seen in another discussion [https://community.mcafee.com/message/300390] a question saying "have you done any discovery for an vCenter inventory ?". Perhaps this is what I need to do, but I cannot find were this is done or mention in the docs of such action.


      The Virtualization tab witin my SVAs are empty, is this were I should see my VMs and pools and can then apply individual scan policies to them?


      any help appreciated.



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          OK, for anyone wondering where's the missing link. Hrere's the part the manual does not explain how it's done.


          Assuming you already have the datacenter connector for cshield extension installed (if you don't install it now as it's required), go to menu > configuration > registered cloud accounts. Here you add a new cloud account with the host/username/password for your vshield.


          Now under your system tree you shold have a new broup calle vShpere where your VMs and resource pools will be lsited.