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    sizing and overload performance


      please reccomend me for the following issue


      1. how could i know the real eps for customer organization

      2. if the log is over more than the perfomance of the appliance . What woul happend with that log

      3.If there is any limit of buffer that recieve the log on the reciever because we concern about the peaf traffic

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          Are you concerned with the number of Data Sources you are adding to your Receiver, or the amount of log traffic being generated by those data sources?


          Our largest receiver has over 650 active data sources on an older 2250 (Orange Nitro Appliance) event receiver. 

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            i concern about the log traffice because sometime there is a peak event per sec so i woder that if the peak of event per sec is 100000000 [just assume].

            Can reciever buffer all of them [just wanna know how much of log that reciever can buffer if the log is more than their performance]