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    API: Unknown column:Branch for table:EPOMasterCatalog




      I have a web application that needs to query ePO via API. I need to fetch the current DAT in the repository so I've assembled the following query:


      target=EPOMasterCatalog&select=(select EPOMasterCatalog.ProductVersion)&where=(where (and (eq EPOMasterCatalog.ProductName "DAT") (eq EPOMasterCatalog.Branch "Current")))


      When executing the query the server returns:


      Error 0 :

      Unknown column:Branch for table:EPOMasterCatalog


      This is odd since EPOMasterCatalog does have a Branch column...


      I need to specify the brach otherwise the query return 2 dat versions from branches 'current' and 'previous'.


      I've also checked the API documentation and this seems the proper way to define a where with teh 'and' clause.


      Anyone have any ideas why this is failing?


      Thanks in advance.