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    Setup MWG as icap server




      I'd like to configure mwg as only an icap server, which can be connected to other equipement.


      What I did as a configuration is the one in attached file, with only one rule set: icap server.

      Myother configuration, in the appliance is:

      Proxies (https, ftp, icap, an IM)

           -> proxy (optional WCCP) activated

           -> HTTP and FTP proxy are disabled

           -> ICAP server is enabled


      Is my configuration OK, or I miss some thing. For the way I cant' connect to other machine to make a full chain test but I made a telnet and I had the following output:


      [xxxxxxx]# telnet localhost 1344


      Connected to localhost.

      Escape character is '^]'.

      OPTIONS icap://


      ICAP/1.0 200 OK

      Methods: REQMOD, RESPMOD

      Options-TTL: 3600

      Encapsulated: null-body=0

      Max-Connections: 100

      Preview: 30

      Service: McAfee Web Gateway 7.3.2 build17286


      Allow: 204


      Connection closed by foreign host.



      I use MWG




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          it looks pretty much OK I think, as long as the rules play well together. I actually would have set up it in a different way, but since I am not sure what you are setting up it might be fine.


          Generally there is not much different whether you are running an Explicit proxy or ICAP serverin regards to rules, so there is no need to create a special "ICAP" rule. I would create a blank "top level" rule set which has "Connection.Protocol = ICAP" and import the default rule sets from the rule set library below this top level rule set.


          The request you made looks OK. You should be able to test it :-)




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            Thank you, I'll post comments when tests will be made.