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    How put in whitelist (Blocked: Message Reputation)?  "GTI reputation vs URL reputation"


      Hi everyone


      I have some weeks with MEG 7.5 and I have doubts about the concept GTI reputation vs URL reputation.


      As I understand GTI is related to IP address, and URL for domains names, am I right?  If I am right, my quiestion is:


      How can I apply a  whitelist a email Blocked: Message Reputation?


      I call McAfee support and they explain me, I need to add a new policy and disable the GTI, but I got 2 questions for that:


      1. If I create a new policy with not GTI enable, this group will be with a GAP in GTI, and only for one IP Address , the users will be in risk
      2. Users can live in different Policy?


      My analysis: Anyone knows, how can exclude a IP address for Blocked Message Reputation?

      I really appreciat your opinion and your suggestion to my doubt.