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    Emails with files called [untitled] go to quarantine


      I am in the process of implementing MEG's
      The simple set up is one MEG controlling out bound mail, and two listening for incoming mail.


      Mail comes into the MEG and we have a list of allowed file extensions that it checks against.
      It seems to stop emails and quarantine them for having  file in them not in the list. Yet it lists it as [untitled] for the filename


      It seems to be delivery reports in the main


      I thought I'd cracked it by allowing All for email under file filtering rules, but alas not.

      Does anyone have any ideas of where I am going wrong.

      Apologies if I seem a little vague, but as I am quite new to these I am struggling


      It does however seem to work well in most of the other areas, stopping SPAM & Junk.


      Cheers in advance