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    DE 7.1 Activation




      I've already deployed DE 7.1 to my system but it is not activating. On the McAfee Drive Encryption System Status window, it says that Policy enforcement has failed. Anyone know what I have to do next?




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          Hi Dayana,

          The first thing to do would be to check the MfeEpe.log which is located at C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption Agent\
          This log should show the activation process so I would start from the bottom up and look for warnings or errors.

          If you need help understanding these log entries, feel free to post them here.


          Good luck !

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            Hi obarel,

            Thanks, I've taken a look at the log. It says that there is an incompatible product (TrueCrypt). I also actually have Symantec Endpoint Protection on my laptop but it wasn't listed in the log as incompatible. I think it is because I disabled it. Is there a way for me to get DE to activate without uninstalling TrueCrypt?


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              It's incompatible - if you installed, your machine would probably never boot again?


              Uninstall Truecrypt if you want to use mde.

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                We have end-users who use TrueCrypt as well. TrueCrypt is tricky since it can be used as a volume encryption, but sometimes is used for folder or file level encryption sometimes used to encrypt external drives (we don't use FRP).

                What we do in such cases is uninstall TrueCrypt, then activate MDE on the system and only then allow the user to install TrueCrypt.
                If you have TrueCrypt installed MDE won't activate in order to avoid a possible issue of having your system double-encrypted with TrueCrypt and MDE. Having said that, if MDE is already active when you install TrueCrypt it will not de-activate.


                Also note that a security issue has been identified with TrueCrypt few weeks ago (take a look at their website) so make sure you have a valid TrueCrypt installer before uninstalling it.

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                  The only way I've found to do this is to turn off the product that is giving problem (TrueCrypt) from the list of incompatible products. This will let the DE is active, but can pesentar problems, as described above, the machine has problems when booting. This is done in menu, configuration, server configuration. There on the part of Drive Encription is the list of incompatible products.