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    RSD 4.7.1 + Wifi = Not supported?


      Hi everyone,


      I suppose this might be a bit of a dumb question but:


      Are RSD agents not supported on systems with Wifi interfaces? -Or in other words: Can RSD not detect systems in a wireless network? -I ask becasue I am being told this by tech support.


      Here's the situation: I acquired an old decommissioned laptop and had a fresh copy of our corporate Windows 7 image applied to it. I wanted to use the laptop as a dedicated RSD sensor for one of our wireless segments so I deployed McAfee Agent and subsequently deployed an RSD 4.7.1 agent.


      The RSD agent never shows up in RSD's list of covered subnets and I don't see any detections from the laptop. With that in mind, I opened an SR with McAfee tech support who quickly found an error message in my RSD agent log:


      "Found a non-ethernet MAC address bound to IP address (XX.YY.ZZ.XX) The rogue system sensor does not support non-ethernet hardware.... skipping"


      The tech support agent then told me that RSD doesn't support Wifi interfaces.


      Has anyone experienced the same?


      Is this perhaps just a matter of the particular Wifi interface I'm using? (Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN)


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