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    McAfee Security Download Blocks Internet Access


      Last night I installed McAfee Security that I purchased thru Avangate and of course used the key obtained and downloaded directly from the McAfee web site. The download went fine and I continued to use my pc for awhile with no problem.  The following morning I booted up and I was unable to access the internet.  I plugged in my laptop that I use AVG free on and was able to access the net. I contacted McAfee and after working and following the directions with 2 Techs I was told the problem is with my provider which is Verizon. Even though I have no problem with the laptop in getting online????  It appears to me that the McAfee Security download is the culprit in my inability to access the net and McAfee is passing the buck here.  I've googled this particular problem with McAfee and find lots of other instances of this kind.  Has anyone had to sue McAfee inorder to have there computer fixed or replaced. Or does someone out there besides the techs I spoke with know of a fix???  Thank You!