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    VirusScan Deployment Upon Discovery (ONLY)


      Okay, so I have been named administrator of an existing ePo + AD system in place that has been up and running for a long time.  All of the servers are up to date and have everything they need, but I am trying to streamline some things.


      I want to create a Client Task that deploys VirusScan 8 ONLY to machines that are newly discovered.  I do not want to make a task that will attempt to install it on everything.  How do I specify this?

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          Pradeep Kumar

          I hope this may be possible


          Create sub group under My organisation , create new clent task for VSE 8 deployment run immidiatly.
          create tags based on machine properties and sort criteria to new subgroup.


          use AD sync which need to sort new machines to new sub group.

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            Laszlo G

            If you are concerned about the fact that ePO could deploy again VSE to computers that already have it then don't worry because they won't doenload install packages again nor try to re-install it.


            If you just want to install it over new discovered computers (because you have selected computers that don't have to install it) then just try what Pradeep told or use tags to ecclude computers on your deployment task

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              Thanks for the ideas.  Unfortunately I don't have complete control over what happens in within ePo.  It's somewhat bewildering that deploy tasks don't have a "Do not install over existing versions" check box - or something similar....


              Thanks again.

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                Laszlo G

                I think it would be easier for you if I I can explain how a deployment task works:


                1- A scheduled or run task now task is launched on a computer

                2- Computer connects to ePO and downloads the catalog file of the product that's going to be installed (~10KB)

                3- Computer compares this catalog file with its own catalog file


                After comparing two things can happen:


                1- Versions are different (for example local catalog has VSE 8.7 and downloaded catalog specifies VSE 8.8 or even local catalog has no VSE) -> it will install VSE 8.8 over VSE 8.7

                2- Versions are the same (VSE 8.8 with patch 3 on local and VSE 8.8 with patch 4 on downloaded as it only compares de main version and not the patch)-> task ends without downloading anything else


                So as you can see there's not an option to say "don't install if it already exists" because it's an embedded option that will never install over existing one

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                  Richard Carpenter

                  Hi all.


                  Are you referring to 'discovered machines' as devices added to the system tree via LDAP sync?


                  This is what we do.


                  Create a Tag for Example: 'Deploy : VSE8.8 Current Branch' and assign this tag during your LDAP sync via the 'Apply Tag to New computers added to the tree' in the Group Sync Settings.

                  Create a Client Task to Deploy the software from your Master Repository

                  Create a Client Task Assignment within your system tree to run the above task, on devices with tag (the tag you created above), and set the Schedule to Run Immediately.


                  You could also apply the Tag using criteria, for Example ;OS Type or OS version if you are using a Mixed OS Enterprise - We do this method to add the correct Tags to MACs and Windows machines.


                  All of the above assumes you are running ePO 5.1, some of the abovbe features are not available in ePO < 5.0


                  We have discovered that a lot of the admin can be automated using Tags - Tags are your friend :-D